Will ET Productions Presents JAZZ-3-O Pre-Release & Video Event at Cala-Bar and Grill

Cala Bar And Grill, 4144 Redan Rd, Stone Mountain , Ga


We have a lot of things shaking right now..and I'm so excited !!! Branding is always a GOOD thing..so I am challenging myself to do a double shot of EXPRESSO...by presenting to you my JAZZ SIDE. This will be an AH-MAZING evening. Please come out and have a good time with  JAZZ 3-O, which is one of the BRANDS you will see in rotation around the ATL area and soon in a place near YOU!!!. We are coming to Bring the PAIN..(JK). We are going to allow you to have a GOOD JAZZY TIME . So please meet us at the CALA-BAR on October 26th.....4144 Redan Rd Stone Mountain GA. www.Calabarandgrill.com

Much Love.


Age limit: All ages